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"Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear!"

"Giants baseball... TORTURE."

3 May

"All that I'm after Is a life full of laughter,"- Daughtry, "Life After You"

"Without sports, what would we hold on to?"- ESPN

"In praise of the gritty, plucky, smoke-and-mirrors Giants, who have made the experts look silly."- Scott Ostler, "This team is fun"

"If you have ever felt the spell of the race track and know what it means to hear the song of the bugle and to see the field go parading to the post in single file past the judges' stand, with the smell of the stable and the fragrance of the flowers tingling in your veins; if the call of the Thoroughbred is so strong that your world would be less than half a world without him in it to make you laugh and cry and pray and curse, then you understand the thrill that comes with the memory of Turf gladiators of the past, prancing idols of bygone days with their hearts of iron and muscles of steel and skins of satin. It is so with me."- Sam Hildreth and James R. Crowell, The Spell of the Turf

"From the umpire's cry of 'Play ball!' to the final out, I felt fully alive and the world made sense. Perhaps that's why, with all the craziness that had taken over the world, I clung so desperately to baseball. It was the one thing- sometimes the only thing- that I understood."- Troy Soos, Murder at Wrigley Field, pg. 26

"not just a Democrat, but a Bartlet Democrat"- loveflyfree

"And when the fog has finally lifted"
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"He was not quite the fairy tale horse; he was too real for that. He was brilliant, vibrantly alive, and physically imposing, but has passed quietly into that soft, black night. He was Lost in the Fog."- Davant Latham
"I kept my tears inside cause I knew if I started I'd keep crying for the rest of my life,"- "Side Effects"- Mariah Carey

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"the incomparable, invincible, unbeatable Cigar!"- Tom Durkin
"Invasor, the Argentinian bred, Uruguayan raced, Invasor has won the Classic!"- Trevor Denman

"In the end,... great horses were remembered for something more than numbers: It was a feeling they gave you, a belief in something bigger than yourself. They were a reminder- if only for an instant- that some bright, wordless magic still existed in the world."- Jane Schwartz, Ruffian: Burning From the Start, pg. 205
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"You are a great champion. When you ran the ground shook. The sky opened and mere mortals parted. Parted the way to victory. Where you will meet me in the winner's circle."- Dakota Fanning, Dreamer

"Maybe it's not about being the best. Maybe it's about finding the little things that get you through the day. Whether it's the support of someone close to you, or letting yourself feel overwhelmed, if only for a moment. Or being selfless every once in awhile. I don't know. I guess in the end, it's about surviving anyway you can."- J.D. (Zach Braff), Scrubs- "My Super Ego"

"Sometimes, you can still lose even if you really try."- Matchbox Twenty, "All I Need"

"I'm a schizo cause I go to baseball and the next day go to the symphony."- Prof. David E. Kaun

"All will be well, even after all the promises you've broken to yourself"- The Gabe Dixon Band

"I'm not going to let talent hold me back."- George Clooney

"Beautiful weather and even more beautiful men!!! Baseball is win/win!!!"- heavens2faraway

"When I grow up I still want to be a director."- Steven Spielberg

"The pressure is on you worse when you don't have Seattle Slew."- Billy Turner, trainer

"I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her."- Anna (Julia Roberts), Notting Hill

"I am used to nice things!"- Cam (Eric Stonestreet), "Truth Be Told," Modern Family

lavenderbreeze41: omg liz you are a photographing genius

katwa511: aww thanks liz i think you're my biggest (and onliest) fan

SkySurfr13: yup, that settles it, Liz you are without a doubt my herrrrro

Jhonkas: Liz is from Santa Cruz, CA. She enjoys throwing darts, quoting movies, the Giants and spiders.
ValentineBabe85: throwing darts
ValentineBabe85: interesting
Jhonkas: yes
lavenderbreeze41: lol
Thoroughbred Liz: i was unaware i enjoyed all those things
Jhonkas: Well you do.
Jhonkas: Moving right along

on why Jon Stewart is doing The Daily Show till he dies: "It's just good and good and good. It's like the paper."- Jerry Seinfeld, 11/6/06

"Basically, Stephen [Colbert] pervades every facet of our lives and that is how it should be and people who don't understand are obviously not MEMBERS OF THE NATION and therefore have no relevance in life. The End."- gnom3

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Grade I winner of the Alabama and Gazelle Stakes

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