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gotta love minor league baseball

went to the River Cats game last time. in front of me I had 3 scouts (Yankees, a Japanese team, and one I couldn't figure out). behind me I had two the River Cats charting pitches, including probably the Giants' top starting prospect, Ty Blach! he's totally not impressive, just looks like a regular guy. kinda reminded me of Pete. hehe. Steven Okert is built tho. it was fun hearing their comments. Ty totally does not like throwing to Sanchez. Kevin Correia was also starting the game, so that was fun to see him. looked like classic Correia. plus he hit a homerun! both guys referred to him as Correia; I guess he's not too friendly. I like Juan Gutierrez's nickname, Guti.



I was totally bummed that I couldn't blow out all my candles in one breath for the first time. Well, technically I did blow out 30 candles, just not the one to grow on (hope that's not an omen...). I'm going to say it was totally the pneumonia's fault. Lungs are STILL not right. Really tired of this. Good birthday tho. My trainer said she was proud of us after my lesson (major praise from her), and I went the whole time without being on the wrong diagonal (the bane of my existence).

The Top Ten Movies of 2014

well nothing will be joining the ranks of The Departed and The Artist, but 2014 was still an excellent year for movies.

1. Chef
2. Gone Girl
3. The Imitation Game
4. Interstellar
5. Nightcrawler
6. Begin Again
7. Million Dollar Arm
8. Unbroken
9. The Trip to Italy
10. Pride

My list most heavily weighs enjoyment, and there were a lot of movies I enjoyed last year. Tough decisions!

28 movies seen in theatres. Not damn bad considering my mom had two surgeries and we didn't go to movies for like three months this summer.

so long 2014

Five Good Things That Happened To Me In 2014
1. found out I'm going to inherit a lot of money from my grandma
2. finally found a horse that can jump
3. earned a bonus on my first probate
4. attended the NLCS clincher
5. The Late Night Riders C.G.A. District 5 4th Annual Poker Ride

Five Movies I Really Enjoyed In 2014
1. Chef
2. Gone Girl
3. Interstellar
4. Nightcrawler
5. Fight Club (finally watched it!)

Five Books I Read In 2014
1. The Wrong Gun- J.P. Hailey (Parnell Hall)
2. The Mortal Instruments series (6 books)- Cassandra Clare
3. The Careful Writer: A Modern Guide to English Usage- Theodore M. Bernstein
4. The Art of Hergé, Inventor of Tintin (Vols. 1 & 2)- Philippe Goddin; translated by Michael Farr
5. All about Lungeing- Paul Fielder

Five Television Shows I Watched Regularly In 2014
1. Castle
2. Murder in the First
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. Major Crimes
5. The Good Wife

Five Things I Have Become Addicted To In 2014
1. jigsaw puzzles
2. winning the World Series
3. making Amazon wish lists for other people
4. zinc
5. not going to bed until 1:30 a.m.


I knew I needed one more small thing for my brother, so I sat down and calculated how much I have left in my budget for him, $18.84. Just then I finally got an idea for him. Went to Amazon, how much did it cost? $18.84! craziness! what are the chances?

probate done!

Well my boss drove me completely crazy while I did it, but I like getting a $1,500 bonus at the end. First probate done!


Weekend Update

couldn't have asked for a better weekend (Saturday-Sunday). Giants, we're just going to forget about Friday. Apple Hill Saturday. found an amazing pumpkin patch; great selection even though it was their last weekend. got my caramel apple; it's all about Denver Dan's.

then we went and visited our friend Janice and got to meet her outdoor cat, Peekaboo. she's trapped inside for the first time while she recovers from some stitches. she's doing really well; you couldn't tell that she used to be wild. and Mo-Mo has taken over. Mo-Mo is like 17 and her owner didn't want to deal with her anymore so she gave her to Janice with a $1000 stipend! she's still quite active.

two good Giants wins, even though they totally stressed me out getting down 4-1 on Saturday. Sunday was much better. yay for Yost being stupid and not using a pinch hitter when he had a runner in scoring position.

really good riding lesson on Sunday. I went with Fred because Holly was still in heat and didn't seem real comfortable. totally the right call. my instructor was really proud of how well we went, especially on the leg yields.

first skating event of the season too. I was iffy about adding lyrics, but as Johnny said, if it's the brassy pipes of Christina Aguilera its good. yay Burlesque soundtrack.

and now I'm dealing with an asthma attack at work. no inhaler. it's tons of fun. hopefully my boss will leave after his 3:30 appt so I can go home early. already ordered another one from the pharmacy so I can keep one at work and I don't have this problem again. I don't know what the deal is, I used to never have attacks unless I was exercising; then last year I started also getting attacks when the air was bad, but now I'm getting them when I wake up and out of the blue. not fun.

been awhile

Palace Malice, Declan's Warrior, I'm Steppin' It Up, Red Rifle in the Westchester Stakes


horse show Sunday!

time for a to-do list:
clean helmet
check if shirt needs to be ironed
clean & polish boots
clean grooming box & contents
move stuff out of backpack into box
prepare water bottle
pack snacks
buy gift for Linda, buy sponge?

It's getting ready for the show that has me really stressed this time. Partly because here it is two days before and I don't know who I'm taking! And who we take will determine what classes I enter. eeks! We've been planning to take Fred, but the shoer did I really crappy job on him and he's been too sore to work. I've got a lesson tonight and I'm really hoping he's good to go. Our other option is Holly, who I've been taking lessons on. I've only just started getting her to canter well, but I don't feel ready to try and canter her in a large group yet. so then I could only enter 2 of the english pleasure classes; not sure if my instructor thinks I'm ready for equitation yet. But maybe we could do trotting poles, which looks like so much fun, but since we've been planning to take Fred I haven't been practicing poles for awhile, so ya, eeks.

July movies

Well I think I set a record for number of movies seen in theaters in a month, 9. ok maybe I saw more when Becky, Karlee, and I would see one every week during summer school, but it would be way too much work to confirm, so I'm going with last month. (My tickets are organized by theater, not date.) So this is what I saw:
Words & Pictures
Begin Again
The Fault in Our Stars (This is the saddest movie I have EVER seen. Even though I guessed what would happen! Completely bawled my eyes out. Still good tho.)
Third Person
Island of Lemurs: Madagascar
Jersey Boys
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
A Most Wanted Man

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the most disappointing. I really liked The Amazing Spider-Man, and it was just a let down. Felt like it was aimed for little kids. Dane DeHaan is going to be good though.

Jersey Boys was kind of a let down as well. I knew it hadn't gotten great reviews, but I was hoping it would be like J. Edgar, which also didn't get good reviews, but I liked it. It was just weird how the guys didn't change in appearance for a long time even though it was covering lots of time. Made it hard to keep track of when we were. Great music though. And musical theatre buff Brooke F. loved it, even though she doesn't like most Hollywood musicals. I hope we follow through on seeing the stage show when it comes to Sac this fall.

Third Person wasn't a great movie, but it was very interesting. I need to see it again now that I know the plot twist. I knew something was up when the maid and the gossip columnist wore the same shoes (I'm such a girl, checking out the characters' shoes), need to see what other hints there were.

Word & Pictures and Begin Again were both great. Though I really didn't like the ending of Begin Again. The postscript kinda saved it, but still no.



watched Labor Day last night, so I've now seen all of Jason Reitman's films. I think I'll work on finishing Garry Marshall next (only four more to go).

Jason Reitman:
2013 Labor Day
2011 Young Adult
2009 Up in the Air
2007 Juno
2005 Thank You for Smoking
as a bonus, I've also seen: 2007-2008 The Office (TV Series) (2 episodes)
- Frame Toby (2008)
- Local Ad (2007)

Up in the Air is the best.



"There's a good argument to be made that the rise of professional sports and the decline of organized religion over the last century or so are not coincidental. Once, when we needed relief from our troubles, we looked to the sky. We saw the impossibilities around us and called them reasons and signs. Then science turned men into gods, and up until 1998 or so, they answered our prayers with their more tangible miracles. ...

Because worse than all the cheating and its consequences — and worse than the lockouts, and unsustainable economics, and franchise relocations, all our quaint-seeming complaints of the not-so-distant past — is our second, more recent reckoning: We have been killing these so-called immortals. We are paying to watch them die, from their brains on out, and the evidence is such that it's hard to lie to ourselves about it anymore. Sports used to take us away from the real world; they represented escape. Today, they remind us of the worst of our truths."

- Chris Jones, "Sports Are No Longer Fun," Esquire, October 2013

well shit

I've been walking a line with this guy, and tonight he kissed me. not what I wanted to happen. I just want to be friends! He's one of the boarders at the farm, and for a couple of months now he and this married couple who are also boarders have taken over as the hands because the farm keeps having trouble finding anyone good. and I've been hanging out with them because I'm one of the regulars. and it's been fun. last weekend we all went for a 5 hr trail ride, which was fun and something I so want to do more of. they do fun things like go up to folsom lake to ride. I want in on that. so Duane, the husband, had been joking for months that I was Marcos' (the guy) girlfriend and I don't know if that gave him an idea to make a move or what, but I have known him for over almost 2 years and nothing until now.

so three weekends ago Marcos asked if I wanted to go to a movie, and we (the couple, Marcos, and I) had talked about going to movie together, so I assumed we were going with them. he was kinda weird tho when I called me, he insisted on driving me, but wanted to meet me at a gas station, but the reception was bad so I just went with it. kinda thought it might be a date, but hey, I wanted to go to a movie. so we got there and no couple. but it was ok, nothing happened, he didn't make any kind of move, so I figured we were good.

but then tonight he waited until everyone else had left, and he had seen I went and checked everything was good for the night in one of the barns, and at the paddocks were Fred is, and he was like lets go check on my horses (which are off by themselves), so I was like ok. and he grabbed my hand which was weird, but he had us kind of like skipping down to them and was like don't be scared, so I went with it. we checked on the horses, and then walking back he goes and kisses me. so not into it and he wasn't quite getting the message, I think he thought I was more concerned about my instructor seeing us. I told him I'm just not looking for anything right now, but don't think it was getting through to him.

part of the problem is that he's Mexican. not that that's a bad thing, but I really can't tell how much English he understands. and I have a hard time understanding him. this is a problem I have with all accents. I keep ending up with Indian doctors, and we have Russian people at work, talking to people on the phone, I just have a hard time understanding them. I don't know what my problem is; I took 3 years of Spanish, I watch lots of foreign movies, why do I have such a problem understanding accents?

there are other issues as well. I can deal with he's gardener/chef with I'm sure little education. but he has like 4 kids! with 3 different women! I don't want any part of that. I can deal with kids, being divorced, but 3 times is too much baggage for me. and I'm pretty sure he's still seeing the baby's mom. she hasn't come around to the farm in awhile, but just last week he was saying he was going to bring his girlfriends (plural!) to the 4th of july party. I will never get involved with someone who is already involved.

sigh. why did he have to go and kiss me! grrrrrr. I know, I should just take it as a compliment, someone likes me when I'm at my grossest (I seriously am gross at the farm. I get so dirty and I wear old, stained clothes cause anything nice will just get ruined). but still. He's always so nice, he's been willing to trim feet on the horses I ride, and he just helps me out all the time. In getting closer these past couple months, I just wanted another friend, someone to hang out with, go to movies. I'm in need of a new movie buddy because my mom had surgery and is laid up, and Brooke has play practice like every weeknight and shows on the weekend. It's been lonely at work since Katie, our head legal assistant, got a new job.

I see him 2-3 times a week and now I'm just dreading it. I don't want him to do anything else, and I don't want to lead him on, I just want to be friends. I'm going to try to make sure we aren't alone again, but I'm usually the last one to leave and he's been staying late with me.

any suggestions to make him get the hint?

The Adjustment Bureau

"Dance, Matt Damon, New York City, what more could one want in a movie?"
My mom is cute.


went out to dinner tonight and wore a 14-yr-old dress with 18-yr-old shoes. (got compliments too!) it's awesome staying the same size. 11 yrs later and I weigh the same as I did senior yr of high school. don't think many people can say that!


well that's how I like to kick off a day of racing. Happy My Way, Lemon Drop Demon, Service for Ten in the Maryland Sprint Handicap.


so yesterday I was driving to the farm after work and San Juan HS had a message about a Masquerade Ball on their sign. I thought, how fun, we never had cool dances like that.

so last night I had a dream about going to dinner before prom. We went to Scott's, but it was nothing like Scott's. And apparently there was a boutique attached to the restaurant and Melissa and Claire bought their dresses there. Leslie was treating us and the dresses were on the receipt for our dinner. well I say dinner, but all we got was bottle of wine, a bottle of madeira, and the two dresses. (We knew how to have a good time.) Melissa's was on sale, but the receipt still showed the original price, 10.3 million (where did I come up with that number!?); Claire's was only $11,000.

we were really cool how we were sitting as well. we were at a long rectangular table and Melissa was at one of the short ends, and then on the long side against the wall were 3 Chinese guys that we never talked to. and then Leslie, me, and Claire on the other short side. and this was super long table so we couldn't talk to Melissa. I want to say the guys were all Melissa's dates. I think I was taking Claire and Leslie was just rocking being single and having tons of money to treat us.

but the best part of the dream was after we bought our booze, this guy came over to introduce himself and it was George Clooney. (new rule: every dream should have George Clooney.) and Leslie was like happy birthday, for my present to you I want to introduce you to George Clooney.

Leslie, make this happen.


tonight's ride

Fred was so good tonight. He almost went the entire time without any freak-outs, but he spooked a bit at the very end when Red charged the fence at him. I'll forgive him for that; Red is the biggest horse on the farm, he's got at least a hand on him. other than that 4 plus inches in height tho Fred and Red look so alike. I always think they should be pulling a carriage together.
"I don't believe them (Congress). I don't believe what they say, I don't think they're being absolutely sincere, I think it's performance art, and most of them are bad actors."- Kevin Spacey, The Daily Show, 2/18/14



well its not going to be a repeat of 2011 (The Artist) or 2006 (The Departed) when my favorite movie of the year won best picture, because my favorite, The Great Gatsby, isn't nominated for best picture. surprisingly this year's list was fairly easy to come up with. I've had the top four picked out for some time. I'd say it was so-so year.

1. The Great Gatsby
2. The Way, Way Back
3. Now You See Me
4. The Book Thief
5. The Company You Keep
6. Much Ado About Nothing
7. Oblivion
8. Gravity
9. Thor: The Dark World
10. The Spectacular Now

27 movies seen in theatres last year.