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Clement L. Hirsch Stakes

Stellar Wind, Vale Dori, Faithfully


Evan Shipman Stakes

Diversify, Governor Malibu, Papa Shot, Good Luck Gus
Don't overthink things.



Paid Up Subscriber, Terra Promessa, Apologynotaccepted in the Shuvee Handicap. I hate what they've done to the Shuvee. So disappointing for the memory of a great a mare.



Paulassilverlining, Finley'sluckycharm, By the Moon in the Honorable Miss.


Belmont Stakes Racing Festival

Well, somewhat disappointed because I had Irish War Cry-Tapwrit in the Belmont, and it ended up being Tapwrit-Irish War Cry, but I still had a great day of results on racing's second biggest day.
Ogden Phipps Stakes - Songbird
Woody Stephens Stakes - American Anthem
Just a Game Stakes - Antonoe, this was such a hard race to handicap, so glad I made the right call at the very end.
Metropolitan Handicap - Mor Spirit, boy did Mike Smith and Bob Baffert have a day
Manhattan Stakes - Time Test, second

Plus, I didn't know they were going to show the Acorn Stakes, so I didn't handicap it, but I probably would have gone with the winner, Abel Tasman.

So 4 wins and 2 seconds, plus I had Red Cardinal in the Belmont Gold Cup yesterday (how could I not go with a Cardinal horse).


woot woot

It was really tough deciding who to put on top, but I made the right call. Bluegrass Flag, Noble Freud, Frosty Gal in the The N.Y.S.S. Park Avenue.


and we have a winner

The Resident! Which, of course, is a midseason premiere. The description hadn't excited me, but I loved the cast. The trailer looks great tho. Not that I needed another doctor show, but a show about a bad doctor is at least a twist. Bruce Greenwood is looking old, but he's still a sexy man. Matt Czuchry looks kick ass, building off his great work on The Good Wife. I so wouldn't have predicted him to stick around after Gilmore Girls, but he's more than Logan after all. I liked Emily VanCamp in Captain America; I keep meaning to go check out Revenge.

Really disappointed by The Oroville. Was so looking forward to seeing Seth MacFarlane do a comedic Star Trek. And he has a lot of Star Trek actors! But it just looks eh. Not funny enough. Some reviews have described it as a Galaxy Quest spin, but Galaxy Quest is awesome, and this is nowhere near it.

I was also looking forward to Ghosted. I love Adam Scott and Chris Robinson is great (yay The Office alum!). Definitely better than Oroville, but a little too silly for me.

L.A. to Vegas had a great trailer, love seeing Dylan McDermott as we have never seen him before, but I can't see the premise going anywhere. A movie would probably have been better.

And then we have NBC bringing back another show that needed to die. They tried it with Heroes, and now we have Will & Grace. Good luck with that. You ran it into the ground the first time.



Paulassilverling, Finest City, Carina Mia in the Humana Distaff


it's that time again

The Top 10 Movies of 2016
1. Eddie the Eagle
2. Jackie
3. Miles Ahead
4. The Girl on the Train
5. Passengers
6. Hidden Figures
7. Fences
8. Miss Sloane
9. Rules Don't Apply
10. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

2016 in review

Five Good Things That Happened To Me In 2016
1. finally got to try riding Petey, and added George into the mix as well
2. trip to Seattle/Victoria/Vancouver
3. got to see Brooke :)
4. stood up to my boss and got him to change the voicemail selection greeting
5. boss hired 3 new assistants and another atty

Five Movies I Really Enjoyed In 2016
1. Eddie the Eagle
2. Steve Jobs (sooo good. did not disappoint.)
3. The Water Diviner
4. Sully
5. The Girl on the Train

Five Books I Read In 2016
1. Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy - Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson and Robin Wasserman
2. The Good Thief's Guide to Vegas - Chris Ewan
3. Die Like an Eagle - Donna Andrews
4. Presumed Puzzled - Parnell Hall
5. I'm really having a hard time coming up with a 5th. I think it was last year that I reread all of Tamora Pierce's books. I guess that will be my resolution this year, read more books!

Five Television Shows I Watched Regularly In 2016
1. The Daily Show
2. Star Trek The Next Generation
3. Grantchester
4. Saratoga Live
5. Major Crimes

Five Things I Have Become Addicted To In 2016
1. Nine Track Mind - Charlie Puth
2. Hero - Maren Morris
3. physical therapy (unfortunately)
4. jigsaw puzzles (again)
5. riding 3x a week

pretty much a perfect pre-Thanksgiving

1. Got an initial offer higher than I thought we would end up setting the case for.
2. Got to leave work early, before 1:00.
3. Great ride with Holly out in the fields (even with a pheasant attack).
4. win in the Evan Shipman Stakes.
5. and now a dead heat in the Spinaway, Sweet Loretta/Pretty City Dancer, Cherry Lodge. I seriously don't know what Andy and Gabby were on. That race so obviously set up for a closer. I didn't get the hype on Cherry Lodge.

edit: hey that's back to back years with trifectas in the Spinaway. Pretty cool!


Barrel of Dreams, Table for Six, Weather Girl, Allowance, F&M, 3YO & Up, 1 1/16 Miles (Mellon Turf) 8/31/16


words to live by (esp. after today)

“Life’s a lot easier on us when you’re not being an asshole…” - "I’m the Fool," imachar



I'm so proud of the Giants. Taking down the mighty Kershaw! And Blach's start will be the stuff of legend.

I've forgotten how stressful the playoffs are tho. My jaw is not happy.

I hate having to root against the Cardinals this early tho. Damn you Mets. And the Cubs.


I didn't want it, but as I expected

Stellar Wind, Beholder, Vale Dori in the Zenyatta Stakes.
Well at least we had Chrome.
Last time for Beholder. It would be prety cool tho if the Distaff gets the 2015 Champion Two-Year-Old Filly (Songbird), 2015 Champion Three-Year-Old Filly (Stellar Wind), and 2015 Champion Older Female (Beholder).


but on a happier note

I was finishing up with Holly outside the barn, when all of sudden Lenny, the oldest horse on the farm (age 35), walks by going into the barn. Apparently he decided Linda was taking too long to bring in him from his pasture to the barn for the night, so he let himself out and walked up to the barn by himself. It was really cute.

R.I.P. Pippin

Walked onto the farm today for my lesson and the first thing I see is a dead horse wrapped in a tarp. Poor Pippin. We've lost a lot of horses over the years (Willie, Mark, Primo, Magic, Chaucer, Bo, 4 foals), but for some reason he's hitting me hard. Maybe it is because he was Sequoia's son (my old lesson horse). I always loved that even tho he was all grown up, mom and son got to still live next to each other.

look at me being brave

I told my boss off today. A couple of months ago we got a new phone system, and he set it up so it says "for attorney Liz press 2." 1. I don't use Liz professionally; I use Elizabeth. Maybe I'm weird, but I like to choose who I let call me Liz. I don't like strangers doing it. (And his option is set up with Peter, not Pete). 2. No last name (his says Peter Stone). I haven't had to deal with much sexism in my life (mostly just guys assuming they know more about baseball than me), but I have a hard time believing that if I was guy named Elliot, that it would just say attorney Elliot. And I have never called an office where the options are just first names.

He was nice and said he will get it changed, but it still rubs me that I had to bring it up in the first place. (And I know part of it was probably that he still can't say Ripperda, which seriously, it has been 6 years. It is not that hard of a name. (And hey call my voicemail, where I give my whole name, and listen to how I say it.)


The guys across the street are driving me crazy, but since they are playing Hotel California I can almost forgive them.

seriously tho, electric saws and hammering, wth.


high school dreamin'

Dreamt about high school last night. Haven't had one of those in a while. I missed the first days of school because I was sick. Then I was late my first day cause I didn't know where any of my classes were, and I was freaking about where to sit because everyone already had assigned seats, and I didn't want to take anyone's. Plus, Leslie was not talking to me.

Not really sure what this dream about, kinda like my "late" dreams, where I have something important the next day and I'm worried about oversleeping, but today is Saturday, and I had no plans.

What was really annoying was I was able to wake myself up, and then once I fell back asleep again, I had the exact same dream! Not fair.